Dealing with Angry Hotel Customers

Mar 29, 2017

The first thing customers expect from a hospitality industry is politeness and courteousness. Dealing with an upset hotel customer is no doubt a challenging task, but if handled well then it’s good for a hotel’s and customer sake. So following states some points to be noted while handling unsatisfied customers;

Don’t Argue 

An already upset customer who is irritatingly communicating with hotel staff, arguing with them is of no good to anybody, but that it will with further complicate the matter more. So let the customer speak out first as it would help them take out the frustration from inside, which after a while upon attaining a cool mind, they then will be readily available to talk about whole issue themselves.

Don’t Make Matters Personal

There are high chances an upset customer will behave rudely and arrogantly which may hurt a staff’s sentiments. What should be done is that the staff must be trained in a way so that they may not take those customers’ abuse personally. This is a definite attribute possessed in the hospitality industry.

Be Calm & Kind

Even if a customer is talking loudly or is shouting or may appear absurd or untrue, staff should still remain calm and polite while trying to handle the situation. Impressing a customer in a good and calm mind shows a hospitality industry professional level that helps the customer in distress situations too. Empathizing with a customer in rude situations will assist customers that what all problems were really faced by them and how these could have been solved.

Knowing About the Facts of Problem

An irritated customer will likely be not clear in communicating about the problem they faced. As during the time being emotionally pressured, they may just want to vent out something. But upon retaining calmness, staff can ask questions politely from customers to collect more information on their problem incident. This will help not only the customer in getting their problems resolved better and effectively, but will also help a hotel in meeting requirements about their business.

 Solving the Problem

Work towards a best potential solution to a customer’s problem. If directly a customer issue can be resolved, then firstly those things needed to be done. For example if a matter can shortly be handed by a staff than a top manager, then quickly do it without waiting for the higher ups to come down to do it. This ideally will help unsatisfied customer to notice that hotel staff’s problem solving skill too. If a problem is not solved by that low level employee, then matters quickly must be forwarded to other top level management to solve it.

Be Honest

While solving a customer problem, it is very important that all issues be solved with level of fairness. If the hotel thinks that it is their fault, then they should compensate the customer accordingly. For the sake of pacifying a customer, a hotel should not go overboard to satisfy a customer, but should judge honestly between what is good and what is wrong.


After resolving the customer’s issue on their check out, it is advised that a hotel should remain in touch with that customer. They could send some regret note about their services and should make the customer feel that everyone is of a great value to their hotel. Also they could advise or offer those customers a special discount as per situation demands for their next time visit.

Good things matter especially in customer troubles related to any businesses like industries, showrooms, hotels in Panipat, etc., where customers are likely to face issues, but solving them professionally gives us the opportunity to be a total stand out from the rest of others.


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